Dialect Coach

Alicia Ernand is a highly respected Spanish dialect coach. Her Degree in Psychology, as well as her Degree in Interpretation and Translation are instrumental to her success in working with actors. She coaches actors needing Spanish language assistance from the pre-audition stage to post-production corrections. Although Spanish is spoken in approximately 23 countries, there are significant differences in terms of the nuances of meaning in words, accents, and idiomatic expressions used in each country. Ernand is able to provide a “total picture” of cultural and language interferences so that the actor is not merely saying his or her lines in a foreign language. Producers and directors consult with Ernand during the casting stage to ensure accent authenticity.

Her extensive experience ranges from working with English speaking celebrities, to working with Spanish speaking stars. She coached John Spencer in his role as White House Chief of Staff on the political television drama series THE WEST WING. She coached Beyonce, Elizabeth Banks, and Eva Longoria Parker on the popular Spanish language L’oreal campaign. She coached some of the series regulars and guest stars appearing on TRUE BLOOD. Among them were Kevin Alejandro, Nelsan Ellis, Peter MacDissi, Fiona Shaw, and Paola Turbay. Her biggest linguistic challenge was coaching Japanese Academy Award Winner, Kaori Momoi, in a role requiring her to speak Spanish. Through a Japanese Interpreter, Momoi and Ernand worked in perfect harmony. Helping the working actor who goes from one audition to another, never giving up, is the most gratifying aspect of her job.

Her specialty areas include working with:

• English speaking actors with Spanish language roles
• English speaking actors needing to create a Hispanic accent
• Spanish speaking actors working on a specific Spanish dialect
• Spanish speaking actors working on accent reduction

Services include:

• Pre-production, telephonic, on-set, and post-production coaching
• Sub-titles translations
• ADR Coaching