Frequently Asked Questions

How does "Distance Learning" work?

Distance Learning is a wonderful way to complete your continuing education requirements at your own pace, and at a location of your choosing. All the courses are suitable for interpreters of all languages, and presented in an audio presentation format. They are available on CD and MP3 files. Each audio presentation is divided into different tracks that are comparable to different chapters in a book. There is a very user-friendly corresponding assignment for those who need continuing education credits that is divided into the exact tracks as presented on the audio presentation. This way, you can work in stages. All the answers are in the lessons, with the exception of words you may want to look up in a dictionary.

Do you need a computer?

You do not need a computer, unless you wish to listen to the audio presentations on MP3 files. You have the option of receiving and submitting the answer sheets by e-mail or snail mail.

What is the grading scale?

If you are using these courses to fulfill continuing education requirements, this is a pass/fail program. Because the answers to the true/false and fill in the blanks questions are provided in the lessons, it is impossible to fail. More important than the answers, is the fact that you will have the opportunity to listen to these audio presentations throughout your interpreting career. As you are in route to an assignment, simply listen to the lesson to review the essential elements of the subject matter!

How many hours of continuing education credits will each course provide?

Each course will provide 3 hours of continuing education credit.

Do I have to complete the coursework within a certain period of time?

No, you are allowed to take as long as you wish. Furthermore, if you buy the package deal, you don’t have to complete all the lessons within the same compliance period. You can take advantage of the discount, and submit your coursework when you choose to.

How soon after I submit my coursework will I receive the certificate of completion?

You will receive your certificate of completion within 7 days. If you are very close to your deadline with the Judicial Council, you will be provided with the CIMCE numbers the very day your coursework arrives. You do not need to worry about post-office delays during the holidays.

What if I need assistance completing the coursework?

Then you’ll get it! Within 24 hours, your questions will be answered.

How late in the year can I submit the coursework?

As late as the morning of December 31st!


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