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If you are a California certified or registered interpreter, you may use these lessons to fulfill your non-instructor led continuing education requirements. You will receive the course script and an MP3 file electronically. You may complete your assignment in one of three ways. You can choose to strictly read the course, read and listen to the course simultaneously, or simply listen to the course. There are no trick questions. All the answers are provided in the presentation with the exception of words you may want to look up in the dictionary. You can complete the assignments at your own pace.

If you are a not a certified interpreter, you will greatly benefit from these courses as well. Because they are available to you for your own professional development, there is no corresponding assignment to be completed. Consequently, the cost is $25.00 per course versus $50.00 per course.


Option A: $50.00 per non Instructor-led course (3 CIMCE Units).

Option B: $25.00 per course for personal professional development only. No continuing education credits will be provided.

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All courses are non-refundable.

Entire Library of Courses for only $200.00

You save $350.00!

Get the entire 22 course collection valued at $550.00 for only $200.00! Every professional interpreter will benefit from having this comprehensive library. No more last minute research when faced with a case type you are not familiar with. You will have the audio presentation, as well as the script, in your computer and/or cell phone! This offer does not provide CIMCE credits.

A. CIMCE Credit - $50

course title

B. Non-CIMCE - $25

Anatomy of a Deposition

A Comparison of Civil and Criminal Law

Arraignment to Sentencing

Cars, Lemons, and Justice

Check Interpreter


Elder Abuse

Intellectual Property

Jail Interviews

Juvenile Court

Medical Proceedings

Off the Record

Paralanguage / Body Language

Polygraph Tests

Premises Liability / Loss of Consortium

Psychological Evaluations

Real Estate Essentials

Sexual Harassment

State of Mind

Toxic Torts

Trial Interpreter

Working with Children

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