The Motivational Speaker

“Alicia’s seemingly effortless ability as an instructor, overall presence and professional demeanor are only a few of the many qualities that make her an asset in the field.”

Arturo Casarez
CCIA President

“Alicia’s dynamic stage presence and motivation are extremely evident and commanding one’s attention. She motivates all interpreters to strive for excellence in all interpreting situations.”

Gilbert Calhoun
California Workers Compensation Interpreters Association President

“Our students were very impressed with Alicia’s passion for the business of interpreting and with her innovations in teaching the trade, thus motivating interpreters to strive for excellence.”

Dr.Erik Camayd-Freixas
Director, I&T Program
Florida International University

“Alicia has shed a new light on the Miami interpreting scene with her motivational skills and cutting-edge techniques. She has inspired us all to strive for excellence.”

Karen Borgenheimer
T&I Professor
NAJIT Education Committee Chair

“Alicia’s workshops are an extraordinary example of what our interpreting profession should be at all times.”

Frank Tarros
Professor ELA

“Alicia is filling a gap that was long overdue. Her training seminars start where conventional interpreter training ends.”

Luis Echeverry
CIS President

The Teacher

"I just finished my third course of study with Alicia Ernand productions. I cannot stop praising Alicia for having created these instructive materials for the benefit of the interpreter's continuing education. The valuable information of these courses is a product, I am sure, of many hours of hard work, research and extensive preparation, which she conveys with a  most pleasant voice. Thank you so much, Alicia.”

Bernice Schwantes

“Not only do these courses offer a convenient and stress free way to fulfill Continuing Education requirements, but-what's most important, they offer pertinent, practical and valuable information to any interpreter looking to expand his or her professional horizons. These courses speak volumes of Alicia's experience and professionalism and, throughout the courses she speaks to her colleagues with great respect for individual style and experience. Gracias!"

Cris Bain Borrego

"The CD's are spoken in the mesmerizing mellifluous voice of a fellow  California court interpreter, Ms. Alicia Ernand. The two courses I ordered were: "Interpreting at Sexual Harassment Proceedings" and "Interpreting at Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Proceedings." They were both fantastic! What made them particularly useful in practical ways was  the way the material was organized and the ease with which admonitions and  cautions to the interpreter were interwoven with practical tips (tricks of the trade). Although Ms. Ernand is a Spanish interpreter and I work Hungarian, it was remarkable how her presentations transcended the unique peculiarities of each language.”

Peter Gergay

"I am truly delighted with Alicia's CIMCE courses. They have helped me  immeasurably. Her lovely voice and suggestions often resonate in the course of my pursuits in the private sector. Thank you much Alicia. You are awesome!"

Joan Stuart-Morris

The Consultant

“To this day, getting in touch with Alicia was the best career decision I've ever made. I was very impressed with her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and most of all, with her professionalism. I walked out of the session knowing I could accomplish my goals."

Ana Maria Garcia

"Alicia's advice at the consulting session was excellent. Her CD's are now my portable classroom whenever I drive. Her extensive experience helped define a clear path to my career as an interpreter.She provided the  essential link between the classroom and the real world."

Fernando Vasquez

"When I received that "golden" letter and realized I passed the  court interpreter certification exam, I jumped up for joy, paused and  realized that I knew little about what to do next. Alicia's counsel was valuable because she walked me past the pit holes and made my transition from student to interpreter easier and successful. I strongly encourage  new interpreters and students to seek her counsel and to avoid making those time consuming and costly mistakes. Alicia, thank you for being an excellent mentor."

Jeanne Carvajal

"Listening to Alicia's synthesis of the judicial system is a must  for interpreters wishing to initiate a career in the legal field. Her explanations are very clear, her recommendations much helpful and the  insider's tips that she provides are invaluable tools to press forward  one's professional development. Just a couple hours in private  consultation with Alicia helped me to have a more precise understanding of the judicial process. Thanks Alicia for sharing your knowledge and for all the encouragement that you so kindly provide."

Roberto Gurdian

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